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Puxico Basketball and Run-Shoot-Run:
An American Phenomenon

As World War II ended, a young man got his start as a high-school basketball coach in the tiny town of Puxico, Missouri. Arnold Ryan had no coaching experience and little knowledge of basketball, but his Puxico teams would bring change to the American game. "Mister Ryan" ignored the plodding conventional style and, along with his players, developed a modern attack of the fastbreak, outside shooting, and fullcourt defense. More was involved than a coach and his athletes. Pride in school and community, and the vision, courage, and virtue of real achievement were key elements. Discover why the amazing story of Puxico Run-Shoot-Run and the message of Mister Ryan are as old as greatness in people.

My Name is Mister Ryan

As World War II ended, Arnold Ryan got his start as a high school basketball coach in the tiny town of Puxico, Missouri. The 29-year- old Ryan had no formal coaching experience, but his team would bring change to the American Game. His 1951 Puxico Indians were the manifestation of modern basketball, one of the most powerful- and provocative—teams ever to play the game. But more was involved than a coach and talented athletes. Pride in school, community, heritage, and the vision , courage and virtue of real achievement played equal parts.

The Puxico Indians played in a log gym, and they made basketball history, innovating run-and-gun offense and pioneering full court defense. But the Ryanmen weren’t just an awesome basketball team. They were the American Dream, transcending sports to

embrace the higher instinct in us all. Discover why the story of Puxico basketball and the message of Mr. Ryan are as old as greatness in people. .

Legend In Missouri

The Osages of Missouri, American Indian dynasty, refusing to submit before an encroaching new world... A humble, gifted man, sacrificing his major league baseball career to fight for his country and become a true hero... An army officer, obscure but with vision, cheating death to rise to supreme commander amidst horrific warfare and help preserve the Union... The weather beast, a gigantic tornado, ripping over peak and across plain, killing more than ever before or since... A proud ethnic school, competing for social equality on a basketball court, and other small school teams, proving themselves champions with character...

Spiral Of Denial

This is the reality of tissue-building substances in America's holy football- the story of steroids. substances in Americas holy football - the story of steroids, HGH, and more. Author Matt Chaney identifies the problem through extensive research and lives the gamut of guilty parties, as football player, perpetrator coach, ostrich reporter and partying fan. Now in middle age, Chaney gets the picture and brings it connecting the problem’s dots, its sustaining forces from the cultural realms of economy, social structure and ethos. Finally, Chaney proposes to drop and moralizing in favor of research and real-world mention them America can impact this American problem - muscle doping in its brutal football.